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Hi All,
Well this was an interesting year, here's how everyone finished:
1st  Team 1 2nd  Team 3 3rd Team 2 4tg Team 4
Schedule is as follows:
-Tuesday Aug 2  6:30pm
Birchmount Team 1 vs Team 2          (team 1 is home)
Blantyre Team 3 vs Team 4          (team 3 is home)
-Thursday Aug 4 6:30pm
Birchmount Team 2 vs Team 3          (team 2 is home)
Blantyre Team 4 vs Team 1          (team 4 is home)
-Tues Aug 9 6:30pm
Birchmount Team 2 vs Team 4          (team 2 is home)
-Team 1 vs Team 3          (team 1 is home)
Top 2 teams move on to final game Ties to be determined by head to head
Thurs Aug 11 6:30pm
Top 2 teams home to be determined by coin toss
Any questions text me

Welcome to Mosquito

This is the first level in which pitching is introduced to the players and other positions are played like regular baseball. The distance between the bases is 65 feet.  The distance from the pitching rubber to the plate is 44 feet.

Games will be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6:30 PM for the 2016 Season.  Make-up games due to bad weather may be played on a Monday or a Wednesday. Download the full schedule below.

The Convenor for 2016 is Lisa Kujansuu -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1 - Play it Again Sports

2 - Anderson Press

3 - Danforth Lumber

[2016 Mosquito Schedule coming soon]

Schedules require Adobe Acrobatacrobatreader  

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